Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update at Vincentian Care Plus

We want to ensure that all VCP employees and service users remain as safe as possible during the current Coronavirus pandemic. We ask that all staff always adhere to the following policy (click here to view), whether you are at work or not, as this will help reduce the spread of the infection and to protect ourselves. Our policy is subject to change due to this pressured and rapidly changing circumstance. We are updating this page frequently.

We may need to alter your care delivery with the available care staff we have now. This means:

  • Temporarily changing your regular care worker.
  • Changing the time of your care so that the most critical client needs, who have no support network and solely rely on the service we provide, are first met.
  • Contacting you and your family to make arrangements to support us meeting your care needs.

The virus is most contagious when the first symptoms show, it’s vital that policies and NHS guidelines are being following to protect ourselves and service users. Although people of all ages are susceptible to Coronavirus, those who are elderly or have pre-existing medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes, or heart disease are at high risk of becoming severely ill.

If your temperature is above 38°C or you have a continuous cough, you must self-isolate for seven days.

Please wash your hands and wrists as per the instructions in the video below with soap and water. It must be the first and last thing you do every time you visit a service user.

Do not shake hands and avoid hugging/kissing anyone apart from your immediate family.

Do not share items without thorough cleaning first.

Please always wear new disposable gloves and a plastic apron every time you visit a service user. Once you’re finished, always bag and bin used PPE.

Please wash your uniform every day. This will reduce the chance of cross infection.

Stop touching your face, nose and eyes.

 We would like to thank VCP care staff abundantly for their continued hard work in this very challenging time.

Keep well and stay safe.

Cathy Naigow

CEO/Registered Manager

 As of 03/04/20, please see below for updated information.